Program Six - Segment 5: The Paradox of the Fujianese

William Chu heads one of New York Chinatown’s biggest community associations.  Immigrants from Fuzhou, Cantonese for the Fujian province, now make up the majority in Chinatown.  Fujianese immigrants were left out of the 1965 immigration reforms because they had few relatives in the US.  So, like the exploited coolie laborers of the 1800s, they come here seeking a better life, but face discrimination and harsh conditions.


William Chu, Profesor Bill Hing, NPR News Archives, Mr. Dong, Jimmy Cheng, Lana Cheung, and Kai Yu Chem. 

Produced by Reese Erlich


Jon Jang, Jazz Pianist is a jazz pianist who has studied at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and toured at major concert halls and music festivals in China, South Africa, Europe, Canada and the United States. He is featured on over ten albums and has composed commissions for many theater productions and major concert halls. Jon Jang bio online


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