Program Seven - Segment One: Home is Always Somewhere Else

When the American war ended in Vietnam in 1975, thousands of Vietnamese fled to the U-S.  These refugees learned to live in a new country, building a vibrant community from coast to coast.  But the legacy of warfare and post-war trauma still haunts them 30 years later. Vietnamese American writer and journalist Nguyen Qui Duc reflects on the formation of a Vietnamese community in the US, and his own ties to his homeland. 


Produced by Nguyen Qui Duc


Daran Kravanh, Accordionist grew up in Cambodia in a musical family.  Now living in Tacoma, Washington, Kravanh produced a CD, “Music Through the Dark” that accompanies the book about his life by Bree Lafreniere.  Kravanh travels throughout the US and abroad to perform and tell stories about his life and the continued plight of the Cambodian people.  musicsurvival.com

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Takaki, Ronald.  A History of Asian Americans: Strangers From a Different Shore.  Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1998.

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