Program Two: Frontier Asians

Explore the legacy of the frontier in the towns, farms and ranches settled by Asian Americans. Crossing East features the early West with miners, buckaroos, farmers and doctors.

Streaming Audio Clip (opens in new window) - The Story of Ing 'Doc' Hay

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Bonus Materials

The Story of Ing 'Doc' Hay as heard on 'Day to Day'

Listen to the excerpt that aired on NPR's "Day to Day" program on Tuesday, June 14th, 2005.

Ing 'Doc' Hay Slideshow

See historical photos of Doc Hay and Lung On, as well as current photos of John Day, Oregon (opens in new window)

Asians in Agriculture Slideshow

See the farmers interviewed for this program and their farms (opens in new window)

Ing 'Doc' Hay Flash Presentation - The story comes to life with sound and photos

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